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What if your business was closed because your data was lost? Could your company afford to be closed?  Losing data can be a very traumatic experience and that is why you need the proper back up and disaster recovery plan . Does your business work with Financials or Health Care that require special regulatory compliance that states how you must backup and retain the data? Gudroe Technology Group will ensure that you are in compliance with HIPPA, Sox, and other government regulations that deal with data retention and security.

Computer data Backup

By being compliant on most of these regulations your critical business information will become backed up and secured. We take a proactive approach to these problems by addressing failure points before they happen to you or your computer network. We will set you up the correct way, the first time, with the tools that you need and a solution that will be able to grow with you as your business grows.   We can offer you many effective solutions and protect the most important part of your business.

  • On and Off Site Backup
  • Data Recovery and Forensics
  • Off-hours and Weekend Services to get you back up and running